Toyota has brought back the iconic 86 badge after a long hiatus. More commonly known as the Hachi-Roku, the name refers to the Toyota Corolla Levin series AE86 and the Toyota Sprinter Trueno series AE86, a particular series of cars sold in the early eighties that were the personal favorite of every drifter wannabe. The Toyota 86 is developed jointly by Japanese automobile manufacturers Toyota and Subaru. Like its predecessor, it is a 2 door, 2+2 seater, front engined and rear wheel drive.
The 2.0L 4 cylinder boxer engine is naturally aspirated and has a relatively high 12.5:1 compression ratio that results in 197HP and 151lb ft torque. Not too shabby for a car that weighs less than 2700lbs. The commercial below was posted on the Toyota UK site and is uber cool. For those of you who have played Max Payne before, just keep that at the back of your head as you watch it 😉

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