Now that the venerable McLaren P1 is finally out, all the automotive magazines and TV shows have been chomping at the bit to give the newest bad boy on the block a proper thrashing. I mean, who wouldn’t!? With 900+ HP on tap, running on sci-fi technology, the P1 has truly become the latest benchmark the realm of automobiledom. Designed by Air is what McLaren calls it and to know more about the design ethos, click here. With a starting price tag of over a Million Euros, it goes without saying that you aren’t going to see too many of them on the road. Fortunately for us, the team at /Drive got their hands on the P1 along with Chris Goodwin, McLaren’s Chief Test Driver in Abu Dhabi no less. Having spent a significant amount of time in the region, we can safely say that it is one of the best places to test out the P1 considering the road quality and vast expanse of near nothingness. This video is every car nut’s wet dream. So turn off the lights, turn up the speakers, kick back and relax!

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