What you are looking at is the Samsung Galaxy S Pen and Holder. Samsung’s Galaxy Note comes with a digital pen called the S Pen that users can hide inside the phone when it is not in use. It makes the use of the near gargantuan 5.3″ screen on the Galaxy Note something that you can live with everyday. There are a number of phone accessories for the Galaxy Note, but this S Pen and Holder is probably the most useful of the lot. The stock stylus isn’t exactly beefy which can make its use a little uncomfortable for some.
With the Holder, it feels just like holding a well constructed ball point pen. You also get the same button as in the stylus. The rubber grip makes it very comfortable to hold especially for extended periods of time. The kit comes with a replacement stylus which can be inserted into the twist top holder just like you would include a replacement cartridge in a pen. And since it is the size of a pen (and is like a pen), using it on the phone is a lot easier; almost like writing on paper. The only negative we can think of is that you can’t put the holder in the phone like you would the stylus, but if you are the type to carry a pen around with you at all times, this would be a moot point.
We love this holder especially since we spend a lot of time on our Galaxy Note and do some of our publishing from the phone itself! No wrist aches here.

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