There are mice, and then there are mice. Yes it is a simple device but it has been a while since something so small and simple caught our attention and fancy. We are of course referring to the latter and more specifically, the Microsoft Arc Touch. After using it for a variety of activities, we absolutely love it. A disclaimer here: If you are a hardcore gamer who binds multiple keystrokes to a mouse click (or 10 like those available on gaming mice), the Arc Touch is not for you. For most other users, read on.
From a looks and design perspective, the Arc Touch gets full marks. It is sleek, absolutely superb to look at and has a great feel to it. It is very light and can be used on most (non-reflective) surfaces with ease. Turning the mouse on and off is very cool… when it is flat, it is off, and when you arc it, it switches itself on. Another  cool feature we thought is the magnetic body of the mouse. The USB dongle just sticks to the underside of the mouse (like a magnet on a fridge) which makes carrying it around a doddle. Something that will take some getting used to is the lack of the traditional mouse wheel to scroll up and down. Instead, the Microsoft Arc Touch has a chiclet type button setup which works exactly like the wheel and even sounds like the wheel when you scroll.
The only gripe we have is the price. At almost Rs. 4000 (~$60) it isn’t exactly cheap but it is definitely a quality product. If you are able to look past the price, this is an awesome buy.

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