If you are just getting into the world of smartphones, and the Android world at that, we have compiled a list of 10 apps which you will definitely want to have. The list was determined based on our review of numerous apps currently available in the Android market (Google Play) and we have included them below for their simplicity, design and most importantly, the fact that they are available for free. We haven’t included several Google apps that usually come pre-installed like Gmail, Talk, Maps, YouTube etc.
  1. Anfish: Think of it like Device Manager in Windows except it is for your Android smartphone… on crack. The purpose of Anfish is to provide users interesting statistics related to their Android devices.
  2. ESPN ScoreCenter: Are you a big sports fan? You will definitely love this app. We especially love the alert feature for any team’s (from any sport) game progress.
  3. Facebook for Android: Even though it still has quirks, it is still the most stable version to stay in touch with Facebook.
  4. Flipboard: Do you read several sites and use an aggregator app like Google Reader? Do you also have multiple social networking accounts? Look no further since Flipboard is hands down the best designed app for your needs.
  5. MightyText: Access your messages (text or MMS) from anywhere as long as you have a browser available.
  6. Mint.com Personal Finance: Like to stay on top of your bills and accounts? Then look no further.
  7. Scan2PDF Mobile Lite: This was another one of our favorites. Say goodbye to the scanner.
  8. Skype/Google +: These are definitely the two best video chat apps currently out there for the Android. Microsoft and Google… go figure!
  9. WhatsApp Messenger: Not all of us have Blackberry Messengers. This is probably the best alternative to staying in touch with those that do! Word to the wise, this isn’t going to stay free for too long.
  10. Wikipedia: Are you the kind of person that likes to look for information (aside from your regular searches)? Wiki’s own app is a very convenient option.
Are there any other apps that you may think should be on the list? Do let us know!

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